Price RM179.00
Brand Sony
Size (L x W x H) 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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- Blood burns with a blue Flame as vergil joins the fight! Dante's twin brother and longtime rival vergil is now available as a playable character. Take this new Challenger through both the vergil mode and the challenging bloody palace!- Powered up for the next-generation of gaming hardware. Fine-tune your experience with gorgeous and photorealistic lighting effects using rays-tracking, the highest resolution possible, or the smoothest framerates the series has ever offered.- New gameplay modes made possible by the increased processing power: turbo mode ramps up the gameplay speed, And legendary dark Knight mode, which throws more demons at you than ever before.- Includes additional content released separately from the original version, including the Contents of the Devil May Cry Deluxe upgrade, the original pre-order exclusive ex color costumes, and the bloody palace mode!- Not enough? You'll also hear the action unfold around you with incredible 3D sound, and loading times go by in a blink to keep the thrills coming. All of this with even more intense new modes so you can push your style to the Max.